Players Union Appeals Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliotts 6Game Suspension

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is accused of injuring his girlfriend. (AP Photo/Gus Ruelas, File)NEW YORK (AP) — The NFL Players Association has appealed Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension over the league’s conclusion that its 2016 rushing leader injured his former girlfriend in three separate incidents last summer.The union said Tuesday it will represent Elliott “to ensure that the NFL is held to its obligation of adhering to principles of industrial due process under the collective bargaining agreement.”The NFL suspended Elliott last week after a yearlong investigation into an Ohio domestic violence case that prosecutors declined to pursue. Elliott’s attorneys blasted Commissioner Roger Goodell’s ruling, saying the league “cherry-picked” evidence to reach its conclusion.A hearing with Goodell or an arbitrator will be scheduled within 10 days with a decision “as soon as practicable” after the appeal is heard, according to the labor agreement.The Cowboys open the regular season Sept. 10 at home against the New York Giants. read more

The Patriots Arent Quite Their Usual Dominant Selves This Year

MIN71MIN60MIN 24, GB 17-10.0– Taken altogether, these numbers reveal a Patriots squad that is not fully playing at the level it’s used to at this stage of the season. And that shows up in big-picture indicators such as Elo or even point differential, where the Pats’ +58 margin is its weakest of the decade through 11 contests. But even so, a lessened version of the Patriots still ranks among the league’s top teams. And as we mentioned above, the Vikings will be a good opponent for Belichick to use as a measuring stick for his roster. According to our combination of matchup quality (i.e., the harmonic mean of the teams’ Elo ratings in each game) and game importance (how likely it is to swing either team’s odds of making the playoffs), this will be the fourth-best game of the week: IND29.514.5JAX0.10.114.71468 PIT70PIT69DEN 24, PIT 17+0.0 Here’s a surprise: The New England Patriots are 8-3, leading the AFC East, with some of the best odds in the conference of winning the Super Bowl.Oh, right. I’ve just described basically every Pats season in recent memory. This is the ninth consecutive season that New England has won at least eight of its first 11 games. The team’s current Elo rating of 1641, however, is the lowest it’s been through the same stage of the season since 2009 (and we don’t talk about that season).So what are we to make of these Patriots, then? After overcoming the typical early season hiccups, is this year’s version ready to build championship momentum down the stretch like normal? Or is there still something a little bit off about a team that was showering its punter (of all players) with praise after an uncharacteristically modest win over the lowly New York Jets last week?In advance of New England’s showdown Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, let’s take a look at some of the Patriots’ calling-card metrics to see whether this season is business as usual in Foxboro.Road warriors?One of the Pats’ most eye-catching statistics during Bill Belichick’s time as head coach has been their near-invincibility at home, where they’ve won 87 percent of their games this decade. But their road record — winning more than 70 percent of the time away from Gillette Stadium — could be even more remarkable. From 2010 to 2017, the Pats’ winning percentage on the road was about 10.5 percentage points higher than what we’d expect from their home record — the third biggest gap in the NFL (behind the Cowboys and Eagles): NO81NO83NO 31, ATL 17-0.9– SEA74.910.5SF<0.1<0.110.51460 MIN62.813.6NE99.11.014.61610 BAL46.118.0ATL4.23.121.01539 Elo’s dumbest (and smartest) picks of Week 12Average difference between points won by readers and by Elo in Week 12 matchups in FiveThirtyEight’s NFL prediction game IND68IND70IND 27, MIA 24-0.6– WSH38.9%+/-19.5PHI23.7%+/-11.130.61525 DAL60.313.3NO> TEN20.57.2NYJ<0.1<0.17.21417 LAC84LAC85LAC 45, ARI 10-0.9– OUR PREDICTION (ELO)READERS’ PREDICTION CAR62CAR57SEA 30, CAR 27+4.1– HOU95.73.8CLE1.31.45.21462 NE77NE82NE 27, NYJ 13+0.4– Game quality is the harmonic mean of the Elo ratings for the two teams in a given matchup.*Average change is weighted by the likelihood of a win or loss. (Ties are excluded.)Source: ESPN Stats & Information Group BAL83BAL81BAL 34, OAK 17-2.3– On average, Elo beat our readers by 18.9 points in the game last week, bringing its record to 11 wins and one loss so far this season. Readers had the best pick of Week 12 — rightly pumping the brakes on Cincinnati’s chances of beating the Browns — but they were punished for picking against Elo in the Bills’ upset over the Jaguars, and they didn’t show enough faith in the victorious Vikings, Eagles and Bucs.Among individual users who did better than average, congrats are in order to Ryan Gnizak, who led all users in Week 12 with 263.5 points, and to Greg Chili Van Hollebeke, who held on to a slim lead for the entire season with 934.5 points. Thanks to everyone who has been playing — and if you haven’t, be sure to get in on the action! You can make picks now and still try your luck against Elo, even if you haven’t played yet.Check out our latest NFL predictions. DEN13.010.7CIN6.45.316.01453 CAR30.914.9TB0.70.815.71492 GB6.13.0ARI<0.1<0.13.01412 PHI80PHI69PHI 25, NYG 22-8.1– PICKWIN PROB.PICKWIN PROB.ResultREADERS’ NET PTS CIN75%CIN63%CLE 35, CIN 20+13.4– HOU58HOU63HOU 34, TEN 17+2.3– This year, though, New England is a perfect 5-0 at home but only 3-3 on the road — respectable but nowhere near the league’s best. (The Pats have also been outscored by 11 points in away games, against a road schedule that ranks just 28th in average opposing Elo.) And this might come up in the playoffs, unlike so many seasons in which the Pats had home-field advantage through the AFC title game.1Since 2010, New England has played a total of 15 non-Super Bowl playoff games — of which 13 have been hosted at Gillette Stadium. Right now, New England is in line for the AFC’s No. 2 seed behind the Kansas City Chiefs, but only a half-game separates them from the fourth-seeded Steelers.Owning the turnover battleTurnover margin is one of the most important factors in determining who wins or loses any football game. Conventional stathead wisdom, though, tells us that outlier turnover seasons — whether avoiding them on offense, forcing them on defense, or both — are unsustainable. While there are some ways a team can influence its tendency to have more takeaways than giveaways, a lot of it also comes down to luck.Unless, of course, you’re the Patriots. New England perennially dominates this category, ranking first by a mile from 2010 through 2017 with a +116 turnover differential, almost double that of the next-best team. A lot of that is a function of having Tom Brady at QB; he’s tied for the second-lowest interception percentage of any passer in NFL history. But the Pats are also great at avoiding fumbles — only the Falcons had coughed it up fewer times since 2010, and no team had lost fewer fumbles than the Pats. And their defense had forced the second-most turnovers of any team this decade (behind the Giants), ranking second in interceptions and tied for third in fumbles recovered.Such opportunism has historically paid big dividends for New England, but this year’s squad is still trying to recapture that formula. The Pats are currently +5 in turnovers, which ranks ninth in the league but is nothing special by their standards. Brady has his highest interception rate since 2013 (his seven picks already are only one off of his full-season total from last year), driving a big overall increase in giveaways per game, though the team is being more careful in recent weeks. And while the Pats have forced at least one turnover in all but one game this season, they are tied for eighth-to-last in the league in games with three or more takeaways, six behind the league-leading Bears.Yards and pointsIn addition to — and correlated with — their dominant turnover differential, the Patriots have always had another trick up their sleeves in terms of winning extra games. It involves their yards per point (YPP): essentially, how efficiently they turn field position into scores on offense and how inefficiently they force opponents to do the same. By definition, when you have a lower YPP than the opponent, you will win more often because you’re trading field position for points at a more favorable rate than they are.Like turnover margin, YPP is supposed to be pretty inconsistent from year to year, bouncing around with a team’s luck at picking up key first downs and converting red zone chances, along with the all-important knack for “bending but not breaking” on defense. Yet the Pats dominate this category so thoroughly and so consistently, it might be the single biggest factor in their ongoing success. Not only had they ranked first in both offensive and defensive YPP since 2010, but their net YPP differential of +5.6 was more than double the No. 2 Packers’ +2.5 mark over that span.(This is one of the big reasons that worries about the Patriots’ defense always need to be tempered. Belichick’s team has traditionally punched above its weight in terms of points allowed, just because it always makes opponents work so hard to turn gains on the field into rewards on the scoreboard.)This season, the Pats remain among the top net YPP teams, ranking fourth, but they are not quite dominating like usual. They rank just seventh in offensive YPP and sixth on defense, with a net YPP of +2.8, which trails the Bears, Saints and Chiefs. On top of the increase in turnovers per game from above, New England’s efficiency rankings on third down and in the red zone are worse, and the team has slipped in those same “situational” categories on defense. And if you want another cause for the Patriots’ YPP decline, their net starting field position is -2.6 yards per drive this season (meaning the opponent starts 2.6 yards closer to the end zone than the Pats), after a decade in which that number was a league-best +4.6.In other words, many of the little things that usually add up to that massive YPP advantage for New England aren’t quite working as well so far this year. But the good news for the Pats is that their turnover margin and net YPP tend to improve radically from this point in the season onward, in no small part because Belichick specifically tries to build a tough, physical team that thrives in bad weather. So even in a relative down season by their key indicators, don’t be surprised if the Patriots build them up at least some before season’s end.Gronk smash!Tight end Rob Gronkowski has long been the Pats’ not-so-secret weapon on offense, helping the team transition seamlessly from the powerful Randy Moss-Wes Welker offense of a previous era to the version that’s been terrorizing the league for most of this decade.But the famously fragile Gronk has appeared to show his age and mileage this season more than perhaps ever before. He’s missed three games with various ailments, and when he has played, he’s been limited to just 63.0 yards per game with a career-low 0.25 touchdown catches per contest. Gronkowski’s reduced mobility has hurt his trademark ability to rumble after the catch for spectacular gains, and it’s made him much less of a focal point in the offense than he’s accustomed to being. When on the field, Gronk has seen only 18.7 percent of the targets in the Pats’ passing game, his lowest number since getting 17.7 percent as a rookie.But Gronk’s influence on the Patriots’ offense remains undeniable. In the eight games the star tight end has played in 2018, Brady’s passer rating is 98.2; in the three he missed, it dropped to 91.6 (league average is 94.9). Even with Gronkowski playing in a more limited physical condition than usual, producing less of a statistical footprint than before, this is confirmation that he’s still one of the biggest engines driving the Patriots’ success. The biggest question might simply be what kind of durability Gronkowski’s banged-up body will have over the rest of the season.Brady stays ageless … sort ofAlong with Belichick, the one constant in New England’s dynasty has been No. 12 under center. Brady has probably been the single most valuable player in the NFL this century, and he’s been crucial in engineering five Super Bowl titles for the Patriots with his consistency, leadership and ability to rally the team back from seemingly insurmountable deficits.But at 41 — an age at which almost no other QB has ever been productive — there is a near-constant watch for any sign of slippage in Brady’s performance. And he has been a bit less sharp statistically than in years past. His adjusted net yards per attempt index at, which measures passing efficiency relative to the league (where 100 is average), is 111 this year, down from 117 last season and 138 the year before that. It hadn’t been so low since Brady was barely above average (102) in 2013.Of course, there are reasons for Brady’s decline that go beyond his advanced age, from Gronk’s aforementioned absences to a four-game suspension for top target Julian Edelman at the start of the season and a WR corps in flux early on before adding Josh Gordon and shuffling roles for the likes of Phillip Dorsett and (WR-turned-RB) Cordarrelle Patterson. But Brady has managed to work around weird receiving situations before — and, in fact, his passer rating was better over the season’s first four games (94.0) than it’s been over the four most recent ones (90.8).Combine that with a ProFootballFocus grade that’s down a bit from last season (though still sixth-best among QBs) and those ubiquitous stats about Brady’s off-target throws (at 22.1 percent, no qualified passer has thrown an errant pass more frequently this year), and it’s fair to ask whether Brady is playing at quite the same level as he did over the past few seasons. Whether because of Brady or the receivers, the Pats are currently tied for eighth in adjusted net yards per attempt — their worst showing since (again) 2013, a season that saw New England fall short in the AFC title game.2Though it does bear mentioning that six of the eight Super Bowl champs this decade ranked among the top 10 in ANY/A, right in line with the Pats’ current performance. LAC88.27.0PIT93.95.612.61619 DAL65DAL67DAL 31, WSH 23-0.5– MIA5.13.9BUF1.31.35.21425 CHI96.33.9NYG<0.1<0.13.91474 BUF56JAX55BUF 24, JAX 21-13.0– KC99.90.2OAK<0.1<0.10.21479 CHI53CHI59CHI 23, DET 16+2.9– Home teams are in bold.The scoring system is nonlinear, so readers’ average points don’t necessarily match the number of points that would be given to the average reader prediction. TB63TB58TB 27, SF 9-5.7– Playoff %Playoff % While the game has a lot more at stake for Minnesota, whose spot in the playoffs is still not fully locked in, there is still plenty for the Patriots to play for as well. Not only will this game affect seeding for the postseason (Elo says the Pats currently have a 60 percent chance of securing a first-round playoff bye), but it will also be another telling data point as to whether the Pats can get back to their mega-dominant form of the recent past, or if they’ll be merely good — but mortal — according to their signature metrics.FiveThirtyEight vs. the readersIf you want to know where your team stands, FiveThirtyEight’s Elo ratings are a good indicator. You can check them out in our NFL prediction interactive, which simulates the rest of the season 100,000 times and tracks how often each team should make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. Did you know you can also pick against the Elo algorithm in our prediction game? Try it out, and maybe you can climb up our giant leaderboard.Here are the games in which Elo made its best — and worst — predictions against the reader picks last week: DET1.31.6LAR>99.9<0.11.61550 The best matchups of Week 13Week 13 games by ranking of average Elo ratings (using the harmonic mean) plus ranking of total potential swing for the two teams’ playoff chances, according to FiveThirtyEight’s NFL predictions Team ACurrentAvg. Chg*Team BCurrentAvg. Chg*Total ChangeGame Quality read more

Orange crushed Bucks continue to roll stomp Illini

It was a Valentine’s Day massacre.The No. 13 Ohio State men’s basketball team ventured to hostile Champaign, Ill., Sunday and came away with a 72-53 blowout win.OSU (20-6, 10-3) and Illinois (17-9, 9-4) entered the contest tied for first in the Big Ten with both Purdue and Michigan State at 9-3.Both OSU and Illinois knew what was at stake in what could be seen as OSU’s most important matchup to date, and the Buckeyes dominated.It was a three-headed attack for the Buckeyes, featuring Evan Turner, John Diebler and David Lighty. Diebler’s shooting ability killed Illinois all day. Every time the Illini got a shred of momentum, it was Diebler who shot it down. He had 18 points on 6-of-11 shooting, all from 3-point territory.Lighty played effectively for OSU as well, totaling 17 points on 6-of-8 shooting, including 3-of-5 from behind the arc.Turner’s day started slowly, but he finished two assists shy of a triple-double. His 16 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists helped OSU maintain a large lead for most of the afternoon.The Buckeyes used an 18-6 run early in the first half to quickly neutralize the Illinois crowd. By the end of the first 20 minutes, OSU had pushed its lead to 36-20.The Illini climbed back within 13 in the early portions of the second half, but OSU eventually pushed the lead back into the 20s down the stretch.The Buckeye defense was efficient, keeping every member of the Illinois roster to single-digits in scoring.OSU now turns its attention to a rematch with Purdue at home on Wednesday. The Buckeyes used a late rally last month to beat the Boilermakers in their first matchup this season. read more

Ohio State has 10 players named AllBig Ten

Junior quarterback Braxton Miller (5) runs the ball during a game against Michigan Nov. 30 at Michigan Stadium. OSU won, 42-41.Credit: Kaily Cunningham / Multimedia editorJunior quarterback Braxton Miller and nine other members of the No. 2 Ohio State football team (12-0, 8-0) received recognition when the Big Ten announced its All-Conference teams and positional award winners Monday.Miller was named the conference’s Griese-Brees Quarterback of the Year and a first-team All-Big Ten selection.Miller, fresh off a five-touchdown performance in OSU’s 42-41 win against Michigan, went 138 for 210 passing for 1,759 yards and 21 touchdowns during the 2013 regular season. He also rushed for 891 yards on 132 carries and eight touchdowns, all despite getting injured early in OSU’s second game and missing the next two. His ranks second on the team in rushing yards, trailing only senior running back Carlos Hyde.Hyde won the conference’s Ameche-Dayne Running Back of the Year award, and was also named as a first-team All-Big Ten running back along with Nebraska’s Ameer Abdullah. Hyde ran for 1,290 yards and 14 touchdowns on the season, and became the first running back under coach Urban Meyer to rush for more than 1,000 yards in a season.Three offensive linemen were also All-Big Ten selections. Redshirt-senior center Corey Linsley, redshirt-senior left tackle Jack Mewhort and senior left guard Andrew Norwell were all first-team selections by the media. The coaches chose Linsley as a first-team selection and Mewhort and Norwell as second-team selections.Senior wide receiver Corey “Philly” Brown was a second-team All-Big Ten selection by the coaches.Junior linebacker Ryan Shazier was named first-team All-Big Ten by the coaches and media.Shazier led the Big Ten with 123 total tackles and 22 tackles for loss during the 2013 regular season. He recorded double digit tackles a total of six times, and tallied a season-high 19 during OSU’s 42-14 win against Indiana Nov. 23.Redshirt-junior cornerback Bradley Roby was a first-team All-Big Ten selection by both coaches and media.Sophomore defensive end Noah Spence was a first-team All-Big Ten selection on the defensive line by the media, and a second-team selection by coaches. Junior defensive lineman Michael Bennett was a second-team selection by both coaches and media.Redshirt-senior quarterback Kenny Guiton was OSU’s Big Ten Sportsmanship Award honoree. read more

Ohio States Jalin Marshall not satisfied after 4 touchdown performance

Redshirt-freshman H-back Jalin Marshall (17) returns a punt for a touchdown during a game against Indiana on Nov. 22 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 42-27.Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorIn football, mistakes happen.And in the age of social media, players hear about their mistakes until they redeem themselves. After Ohio State’s win against Minnesota on Nov. 15, there were those who wanted to share their thoughts with Jalin Marshall, and those thoughts certainly weren’t all encouraging.“Somebody probably told me to kill myself, that’s probably a big one for somebody to take in,” the redshirt-freshman H-back said Saturday. “But, you know, at the end of the day you’ve got to let that go and move on to next week.”Marshall, who lost two fumbles in the 31-24 win against the Golden Gophers, moved on by scoring four touchdowns just a week later. The former high school quarterback caught three touchdown passes and returned a punt 54 yards for a score during the Buckeyes’ 42-27 win against Indiana on Saturday.After the game, Marshall said he felt redeemed, but stressed the success of the team was more important than his individual statistics.“I’m just satisfied with the team win,” he said. “I feel like that was very important for us to get the win tonight.”Marshall added that — while the game itself was satisfying — the Buckeyes still have work to do moving forward.“I’m not satisfied with the season yet,” he said. “But it does feel good, kind of have that barrier off my back. All the negative things I’ve got toward me.”Before Marshall got going on an individual level, the Buckeyes were struggling as a team. OSU had just a 14-13 lead at halftime and fell behind, 20-14, after the break.By the time the Hoosiers took possession with 3:25 to play in the third quarter, Marshall spent limited time with the ball in his hands. But the Indiana drive stalled, and Marshall trotted out to around midfield as the Hoosiers set up to punt from their own four-yard line.Marshall fielded the kick at the OSU 46-yard line, turned up field, made the punter miss and suddenly shifted the game back in favor of the Buckeyes.“Once I got the ball, I just put my foot in the ground and seen the end zone and got there,” Marshall said of his 54-yard score.Especially after Marshall’s turnovers helped Minnesota stay in the game a week earlier, sophomore running back Ezekiel Elliott said he was glad to see Marshall have the day he did, and added the punt return touchdown changed the dynamic of the contest.“I think it’s really good,” Elliott said of Marshall’s performance. “(He’s) been having a great year and then he stepped up big time for us when we needed a spark with that punt return that kind of carried us home.”After going from near-villain to the savior of the Buckeyes, Marshall credited the support he received from the people around him for his ability to turn it around on the field.“It was kind of tough at first, but I had a lot of support from my teammates, my coaching staff and my family,” he said. “I felt like they supported me the whole week and kept my head up, and I felt like I proved myself today.”Senior tight end Jeff Heuerman — who received negative feedback from fans after missing a key block in the 2013 Big Ten Championship Game — said he spoke with Marshall about how to bounce back.“I’ve experienced it first hand, and having that experience I talked to him and we got him on the right foot going and he obviously came out and showed it today,” Heuerman said after the game.“I just told him to relax,” Heuerman added. “He’s an outstanding football player and we’ve seen it this year in practice every day.”Redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett — who threw two interceptions in the first half against Indiana — stressed that mistakes are bound to happen, and the team rallied around Marshall to help him put the Minnesota game behind him.“I mean, unfortunate things happen through the course of a game,” Barrett said. “And last week, it just happened often for (Marshall). But as a offense and as a team, we picked him up and told him, ‘You’re gonna be all right.’ And sure enough, he comes out and plays well.”As for the individuals who provided negative feedback a week earlier, Marshall said he expected them to stay quiet this time around.“I felt like I kind of silenced the doubters, the doubts they had in me,” he said. “It felt satisfying that people could see how I could really go out there and play.”Marshall’s next chance to prove those doubters wrong is set to come on Saturday against Michigan at Ohio Stadium.While his focus has likely turned to that noon kickoff for The Game, Marshall had something else to focus on after helping take down the Hoosiers: “My phone is in my pocket and it’s making me sweat how much they’re tweeting.” read more

Mens Hockey Ohio State players attend NHL development camps over the summer

Ohio State redshirt junior goalie Sean Romeo (30) warms up before a matchup against Wisconsin on Friday, Feb. 23, 2018 at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State won the game 6-2. Credit: Wyatt Crosher | Assistant Sports EditorFresh off an NCAA tournament run that took Ohio State to the Frozen Four, members of the men’s hockey team were invited to attend NHL development camps over the offseason.Eight players received invites to these camps, including senior forward Mason Jobst, junior defenseman Tanner Laczynski, redshirt junior defenseman Wyatt Ege and redshirt senior goaltender Sean Romeo. These camps allow players to gain experience skating with professional players and working with NHL coaches. Mason JobstThis is the third time Jobst, the NCAA’s active leading scorer, has participated in an NHL development camp. Last offseason, he attended camps as a free agent invitee with the Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins. This year, he joined the Minnesota Wild.“It was very cool,” Jobst said. “We’d go on the ice and we’d do either a skills session with one of their skills coaches or a skating lesson with the skating guy. So, it was pretty cool. The NHL coaches would come out and talk to us a little bit. It was a lot of fun.”Tanner LaczynskiLaczynski, who notched a career-high 47 points and earned First Team All Big-Ten honors last season, was taken with pick No. 169 by the Philadelphia Flyers in the sixth round of the 2016 NHL Draft and has attended their camp the past two offseasons.“It’s definitely something special and definitely something I look forward to every summer, especially just to learn from those coaches and scouts and just to hear what they have to say about each individual’s game and how you can improve your game,” Laczynski said. Wyatt EgeEge has attended camp with the Las Vegas Golden Knights the past two years.This past season, the redshirt junior was fourth on the team in assists, while tying for the lead among defensemen on Ohio State with 18 points.“It was nice to see the guys, just because it was my second time back there. It was nice to see some familiar faces,” Ege said. “At [my] first development camp I was kind of a little nervous, seeing all these guys, you know, all these draft picks and now, going back for a second year, I already knew them.”Sean RomeoComing off a season during which he ranked No. 2 in the Big Ten in both goals against average and win percentage, Romeo was invited to his first development camp with the Columbus Blue Jackets.“It was cool to kind of be around some of the top players in the country, a lot of players we play against in college, and kind of learn from them and got great coaching for a week. [I] learned a lot and I’m excited to implement that stuff this year,” Romeo said.In addition, freshman forward Quinn Preston attended camp with the Winnipeg Jets, and freshman forward Gustaf Westlund joined the Florida Panthers. Freshman defenseman Ryan O’Connell, drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 2017 NHL Draft, attended their camp. Senior defenseman Sasha Larocque also worked with the Anaheim Ducks at their camp over the summer. The Buckeyes will look to take the lessons from these camps into their season-opening series against Arizona State on Oct. 12 and 13. read more

Cabinet critics will not quit over Heathrow third runway

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Cabinet ministers opposed to expanding Heathrow are not prepared to quit the Government over the issue, clearing the way for Theresa May to push ahead with a third runway.Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, and Justine Greening, the Education Secretary, are unlikely to resign despite the impact it would have on their constituencies, The Sunday Telegraph understands.Mrs May is prepared to push ahead with a third runway in October if she concludes that it is in the “national interest”, despite previously opposing plans to expand the airport. Whitehall sources made clear that she will not give in to resignation threats and that “she doesn’t do deals”.  British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson arrives at 10 Downing StreetCredit:DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS The decision on whether to build a new runway at Heathrow or Gatwick, expected in October, comes after more than 15 years of delays by both Labour and Conservative governments. Mr Johnson, the MP for Uxbridge in west London, has previously said that he is prepared to lie down “in front of bulldozers” to stop a third runway from being built, and was heavily opposed to expansion as Mayor of London.Friends of Mr Johnson, however, have suggested he would stop short of leaving the Cabinet and the role of Foreign Secretary, which is pivotal as Britain leaves the European Union. A friend said: “It’s not as if he has hidden his view about it. It’s perfectly reasonable for different members of Parliament to have different takes on regional policy, which is what this is.”Ms Greening, a former transport secretary and MP for Putney in south-west London, makes clear her opposition to Heathrow on her website. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson arrives at 10 Downing Streetcenter_img It says that she “will continue to stand up for the thousands of residents who are concerned about aircraft noise and she’ll keep working to make sure our local community is listened to”.As transport secretary in the Coalition she had said she would find it “very difficult” not to resign if the Government decided to expand Heathrow. She has indicated, however, that she could stay on in Cabinet now that she no longer holds the transport brief.Earlier this year, Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, who has campaigned for a third runway, said Britain should push ahead with airport expansion in the South East. He told the Telegraph that after the referendum Britain was facing a “very competitive economic climate” and could not afford to “put off big decisions on infrastructure”. Mrs May will chair a Cabinet committee which will decide on the third runway plan. Whitehall sources suggested the Government is “leaning towards”Heathrow, but added that there are still significant environmental and cost issues to overcome. It has been suggested the Prime Minister could give Tory MPs a free vote on a new runway in the South East to stop ministers having to quit the Cabinet. Britain's International Development Secretary, Justine Greening Britain’s International Development Secretary, Justine GreeningCredit:PETER NICHOLLSlast_img read more

Strong crosswinds force plane to abort landing at Birmingham International Airport

first_imgA plane descending into Birmingham International Airport, England, got caught in the crosswind on Saturday, October 1, and was forced to miss its landing just moments before touch down.This footage shows the Airbus A321 about to make contact with the runway as it is swaying, forcing the pilot to climb into the air again and circle around for a second attempt. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img

Police Scotland has robust plans for Glasgows Hogmanay derby

first_imgHowever, police said they expected the majority of fans to be well behaved and warned those who are not that they will face the “full force of the law”. The force urged people to plan their day in advance and drink responsibly.Chief Superintendent Brian McInulty said: “This is no doubt an exciting weekend for many people, whether it’s to enjoy a day of shopping at the sales, attending a football match, or gearing up to celebrate the New Year.”It does mean that the city will be busier throughout the day and night. Together with our partners, we have robust policing plans in place to account for this, with public safety being our priority.”Given the time of year, it would be expected that alcohol will play a part in some of the activities but I would urge people to drink responsibly, plan your outing in advance and ensure you stay with friends and family who know where you are. Expect to see more officers in and around stadiums, shopping centres, on approaches to Glasgow and in the city centre itself.”Much has been said about the Rangers v Celtic match taking place but I envisage that the majority of supporters will come and enjoy the game and leave safely. However, that small minority determined to cause disorder, anti-social or offensive behaviour will be met with the full force of the law.”The timing of the match has been criticised by Paul Waterson, chief executive of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, who asked when the decision was announced whether those involved had taken into account the fact that Police Scotland reported that the number of calls concerning domestic abuse cases had almost doubled on the day the teams met in their Scottish Cup semi-final match earlier this year. Merchandise on sale at an Old Firm gameCredit:Reuters Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Old Firm Police Scotland has insisted it has “robust” plans in place to ensure public safety as Glasgow prepares for the Old Firm match on New Year’s Eve.Fans have been warned they will be refused entry to Ibrox if they have been drinking alcohol, and extra officers will be on duty outside the stadium and in the city centre.The decision to hold the Rangers v Celtic match at 12.15pm on Hogmanay has been heavily criticised, with the Scottish Licensed Trade Association branding it “senseless” and “outrageous”.Supporters have also been warned not to indulge in sectarian and offensive behaviour inside the stadium.Following the last match between the teams in September, Celtic supporters were criticised for producing an offensive banner and dangling two blow up dolls wearing Rangers scarves, with their hands tied in the style of an execution.Video footage also emerged from the match of a toilet block in the “away” end being smashed up by visiting fans.About 50,000 people are expected to attend the game on the same day that large crowds are anticipated in the city centre to see in the New Year.last_img read more

Parenting is tough says Duchess of Cambridge as she visits family centre

first_imgThe Duchess of Cambridge has praised the efforts of mothers with emotional issues who have turned their lives around, despite parenting being “tough”.Kate heard the stories of women who have battled problems like depression or difficult upbringings during a visit to a specialist unit run by the Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families.For the past five years, the centre’s early years parenting unit in Holloway, north London, has been supporting families who are at risk of their children being taken into care. The Duchess of Cambridge is greeted by Peter Fonagy, CEO of the Anna Freud National Centre Kate spoke to staff and guests at the family centreCredit:Ben Stansall/PA The Duchess met mothers who had completed its intensive treatment programme and she paid tribute to women telling them “parenting is tough” but despite the “experiences you’ve all witnessed” and initially not receiving support “I find it extraordinary how you’ve managed actually, so really well done”. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Kate, who is patron of Anna Freud Centre, chatted to a 19-year-old mother, known only by her first name Amber, and her 18-month-old son Le’Juan.The teenager, who has been receiving help for anxiety problems, chatted happily to the Duchess with her little boy on her lap and she made Kate laugh when she asked her child, who was staring at the royal guest, “what’s this strange woman?”. Duchess of Cambridge spoke to staff and guests at the family centre The unit will typically see a parent who has lived through an abusive childhood, whether suffering neglect or physical attacks, or is suffering from mental health problems like depression and whose child, aged under five, is at risk of being taken into care.In a lighter moment, one little boy was left transfixed by the Duchess who wore an outfit by Eponine, when she was introduced to a group of mothers still being helped by the unit. Show more The Duchess of Cambridge is greeted by Peter Fonagy, CEO of the Anna Freud National CentreCredit:Ben Stansall/PA The young mother said later: “I think people need to know exactly how mental health affects people and that there are places exactly like this unit, that do really intense treatment and not just somewhere you can attend once a week.”I’ve only been here four months but already I’m noticing differences in myself especially on the anxiety side.”Now I’m able to recognise when I’m going into an anxiety attack when before I was oblivious to it.”last_img read more