Double Cross is A Whole Multiverse of 2D Sidescrolling

first_img As we surely all know by now the financial failure of the Wii U kept lots of folks from experiencing the truly great games that made their way onto the console. And it wasn’t just Nintendo games left out in the cold. The colorful 2D party platformer/racing game Runbow was a rare indie hit on the system, one that’s also fortunately now available on the more successful 3DS and Nintendo Switch.Because of how cool Runbow was, at GDC last month we decided to take a meeting with the developer 13AM Games to check out what their next project is. And now we can talk about it. This is Double Cross, a whole multiverse of 2D sidescrolling.Double Cross’s Saturday Morning Cartoon premise follows a border patrol agency called R.I.F.T. that monitors borders between not countries but entire dimensions. This multiverse features countless different Earths that evolved in slightly different ways. How about a dinosaur Earth or an Earth ruled by single-cell goo? But when R.I.F.T. is attacked, it’s up to you to travel to these different Earths fighting enemies and picking up clues.Fitting the theme of cross-dimensional travel, Double Cross features a surprising variety of mechanics pulled in from other 2D sidescrolling subgenres. You gather clues for reaching the boss by beating levels, and each world features multiple levels. But you can choose the order in which you visit worlds. You also have choice in how you permanently level up your character. Terminals within the level even let you swap out upgrades on the fly. Give yourself an extra challenge by, say, increasing strength by reducing health.The levels themselves have a fair amount of depth. You’ll find plenty of tricky jumping sections like swinging ropes suspended over poison. But you also have to solve relatively nonlinear environmental puzzles, even if it’s just to get hidden collectibles. I shifted columns of goo to reach higher platforms. Your main weapon is a slow-mo grappling hook allowing for (somewhat fiddly) Bionic Commando swinging and shooting action. And when you need a break from the thinking, let off some steam by wailing on enemies and building meter you can later use to heal yourself.The strength of Double Cross’s gameplay goes a long way toward mitigating its biggest issue: the art. Granted, this is an early demo. But I found the look of the game and its designs to be flat and bland, too much like the cheap and generic sci-fi Saturday Morning Cartoons that came on in between the ones kids actually like. The characters are full of personality. Sam Squatch is a Sasquatch scientist from a dimension full of Sasquatches and I love him. But overall the art style did nothing for me, which is especially disappointing given how stylish and visually stunning Runbow was.But again, the game is unfinished, and at least the gameplay foundation is strong. Double Cross launches later this year on PC and Nintendo Switch.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Sorry, You Can’t Date Keanu Reeves in ‘Cyberpunk 2077”Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form last_img

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