PornHub Shows Politicians Getting Screwed Kinda With This Documentary

first_imgPornHub is more than the sum of its adult-entertainment parts.Sure, you can visit the largest pornography site on the Internet to fulfill your kinkiest desires.But the video sharing service also dabbles in philanthropy, hosting several events and campaigns since 2012 to raise awareness for different issues (breast cancer, the environment, whales, and pandas), even offering a $25,000 STEM scholarship to one woman pursuing a career in the academic disciplines.Now, the site is getting into foreign politics by serving as a platform for a video created by Russian opposition activist and anti-corruption blogger Aleksey Navalny.The documentary, which allegedly accuses top government officials (namely Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev) and big businessmen of corruption, was banned by a Moscow district court.Citing Russian media reports, local broadcaster RT said the magistrate found the information presented in the video “is inconsistent with reality,” and “obliged” Navalny and his nonprofit Foundation for Countering Corruption to remove it from the Internet.Instead, the film landed on PornHub, under the title “Russian Corrupted Politician F***ed Hard.”Geek’s preliminary search of the site came up empty (unless you’re super into Soviet sex). According to The Next Web, the video received thousands of views before it was made private and flagged for review.“I want to be vehemently clear about this—PornHub did not upload Aleksey Navalny’s video,” Vice President Corey Price said in a statement. “We are a video platform which functions very much like YouTube, in that users are able to upload their own videos provided they have an account and that the content adheres to our [terms of service]. We have no political stance on Putin, or the Russian government in general, but we are very happy to have been unblocked in Russia so that we can continue to entertain our fans there.”As reported by Newsweek, the porn site reached out to Navalny online, inviting him to post more clips to the forum. The figurehead offered his thanks, adding that “I will not be deleting it anyway.”“This will help many citizens realize what corrupt officials do to the people of Russia,” Navalny wrote.In a Wednesday blog post titled “Do not delete,” the lawyer and activist urged Russians to join him in protests across the country during the June 12 Russia Day holiday.A Russian court in September blocked PornHub, alleging it provided minors unrestricted access to adult content. The site was reinstated in April with an age verification mechanism.We just wonder what’s the percentage of people watching the whole thing waiting for nakedness?Editor’s Note: This story was updated on June 2 with comment from PornHub.last_img

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