15 indisputable reasons Irelands pubs are the best in the world

first_imgYOU JUST CAN’T beat the hospitality in Ireland’s pubs. They’re where everybody knows your name, and business.Here’s why they’re the greatest.1. They prevent us from becoming too tanned and attractive Source: Imgur2. They’re entirely reasonable in price Source: Imgur Source: Mike Hogan3. There’s always a good offer to be had Source: Against the grain4. The entertainment is next to noneYes, this actually happened. Source: Avenue Thursday DTWO Source: Avenue Thursdays DTWOAnd this…5. They’re always honest and upfront Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweetcenter_img 6. …making sure to return lost property at all costs Source: Imgur7. There’s always plenty of room to get comfortable Source: KehoesdubKeohoesDub8. They deal with any incidents quickly and efficiently Source: The Temple Bar9. And always give their customers what they want Source: harrybyrnespub Source: Mike O’Brien/YouTube10. ANYTHING they want Source: Neans McSweeney11. The food is always top notch and hearty Source: The Porterhouse Dublin12. You’re never short of a buttering up Source: Imgur13. Basically, they make all your hard decisions for you Source: The Portherhouse14. And hey, you’d never know who you’d run intoThe celebrities can’t stay out of them. Johnny Depp in Weir’s Bar, Westmeath Source: Hairs_Pam Miley Cyrus in the Brazen Head, Dublin Source: Luberachi Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys in Bad Bobs, Temple Bar Source: Bad Bobs Russell Crowe in Kehoes, Dublin Source: Kehoesdub15. Last but not least, you’ll always feel welcomeExcept sometimes. Source: Mauricecampbell27 pints you must sample in Ireland before you die>21 pubs in Ireland you must visit before you die>last_img

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