SEHA GAZPROM LEAGUE Meshkov win in Skopje – Tatran beat PPD Zagreb

6.Nexe8404214 : 21512 9.Maks Strumica8026175 : 2532 1.Meshkov Brest7502227 : 17215 ← Previous Story Skube and Šoštarič flying to Szeged! Next Story → “NEW UWE”: Raul Santos to become a new “Lion”? 4.Vardar7502230 : 19815 5.MVM Veszprem4400144 : 8612 3.Tatran Prešov6501198 : 16015 Meshkov Brestseha gazprom leagueTatran Presov 10.Borac m:tel7016172 : 2401 Four matches of SEHA GAZPROM league have been played on Wednesday. Meshkov Brest and Tatran Prešov celebrated important wins. Belarussians beat RK Vardar 28:27 (15:11) in Skopje, and that was the second defeat of most successful EHF Champions League team in regional competition this season. Rastko Stojković netted eight goals for Sergey Bebeshko team, while domestic goalkeepeer Charapenka had 11 saves.Alex Dujshebaev couldn’t save his team from losing points at home. Spaniard scored six goals, but that wasn’t enough.STATISTICSSlovakian “Lars Christiansen”, Radoslav Antl was the most important man in Tatran’s victory over PPD Zagreb 30:23 (14:9) in Prešov. Slovakian champions showed great improvement in comparation with their form in last two months, while Croatians only continue with the crisis which almost cost them losing a coach – Veselin Vujovic. STATISTICSMVM Veszprem began their three days Balkan tour in Banja Luka with secure triumph over Borac 34:20. Gašper Marguč scored eight goals, whle Roland Mikler had outstanding night with 22 saves!RK Nexe Našice beat Maks Strumica 23:17.STANDINGS: 2.PPD Zagreb6501179 : 13315 7.Spartak Vojput7214189 : 2247 8.Vojvodina8125203 : 2505

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