Green hypocrisy on steel support

first_imgAs the UK battles to save a major player in its steel industry, Tata Steel’s UK plants, Green activity in Australia underlines how illogical and ill-advised such people are. A statement from Greg Evans, Executive Director – Coal, Minerals Council of Australia, says “it is odd for the Greens to claim to support Australian steel for Australian infrastructure projects when they do not support the mining of Australian coal to produce that steel.“The Greens policy platform for Natural Resources: forests, mining and fisheries specifically states:The prohibition of both new coal mines and the expansion of existing mines.“Their Climate Change and Energy policy platform further states:No new coal-fired power stations or coal mines, and no expansions to any existing power stations or mines, plus the development of programs to assist coal-dependent communities to make the transition to other more sustainable sources of economic prosperity.“We trust the Greens are aware that coal is required to produce steel. Every tonne of steel produced requires 800 kg of coking coal.“The consequence of the Greens policy to shut down coal mining is that Australia would end up importing coking coal from overseas to produce Australian steel. This is another example of inconsistent Green policy that would harm Australia.”last_img

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