Last chance for early birds to register for 2010 Australian Mining Technology

first_imgHow can technology play a role in dealing with the ever changing mining industry? The 2010 Australian Mining Technology Conference will show case technological solutions for mining effectively and safely in the current resources environment. These technologies cover the full spectrum of mining activities, from exploration, mine planning and scheduling through to mine operations management and control. The 2010 Conference will be an opportunity for industry and academia to meet and discuss solutions for achieving safe and profitable mining in the current production oriented market.Early bird registration for the 2010 Australian Mining Technology Conference will end August 16, 2010. Just some of the papers and ideas to be presented are;• The development of a personnel transport vehicle concept that improves ergonomics and safety for the user• Borehole radar applications for high detailed ore body characterisation and hazard identification• 3D sensor fusion system applied in mining tunnel search and rescue• Underground coal mining development face ventilation• Microsizing mining: robotics and the economics of the small• Blasthole slotting: reducing over breakage during coal mine blasting• Using synthetic aperture radar for the 3D construction of muckpiles• Dynamic dynamometer for testing large DC motors used in mining• A business case for the use of power electronic technologies in mining applications• An automated shovel load assist systemFor more information visit

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