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first_imgMy ex is threatening to expose our intimate mails and digital pictures. I never knew this side of his character and I’m feeling horribly scared. My family will throw me out. What can I do?T.D, New Delhi Oh dear, that’s terrible! Don’t you have anyone in your family or circle of friends who can help you fight this out? You perhaps would need some strong support of your family to sort this mess. Don’t be scared. Blackmailing is a punishable offence and he should realise his stupidity soon. Don’t delay any further. Involve the ones you can trust and sort it. Your family might be angry but they will always support you and will take care of you at all times. Be confident and fight this out. Also Read – Feel what you fear I’m 33, the only son of my parents. I got married last year. My wife and my parents fight everyday. I don’t earn well enough to live separately and my wife is also a housewife. What should I do? Name withheld This situation is always tough and very sensitive. Handle it with utmost care so that you don’t hurt or break anyone’s heart. The best way to mend this is to relocate to a place very close to your original home. The financial constraint might be solved if your better-half gets involved in some job, tuitions or small time business. Also Read – HomecomingThree adults cannot be tutored to live peacefully and if you don’t check the situation now, it might linger and take a bitter turn in the near future. Try talking to your parents and wife separately or may be a group chat over a small family vacation might give some positive results too. In the meantime, prepare to start your family outside your parent’s shelter. Do face and solve the problems rather than neglecting it. This can’t be avoided for your own mental peace and the benefit of your relationships. Good luck! I’m too shy to propose! What can I do? Anirban Samanta, Kolkata Write a letter – be honest. Don’t try to be too poetic. Be yourself. Maybe you can even express your nervousness. Don’t forget to embrace your shyness. Girls sometimes find it cute. Or, make a video. Use a simple video editor. Make it interesting, funny and add surprises. Describe how you feel about her – the joy, the thrill, the excitement. Point down every little detail you like about her. Describe how you feel, whenever you think about her. Be romantic and honest. Make it into a blog. After you’ve written for enough days, just give her the link, I’m sure she’ll be surprised. More power to you, dear. Do whatever it takes, just express. I have studied in a Hindi medium school. Now, I face major issues with spoken English. How can I improve? Dharmendra, Noida You can always join a spoken English class. Alongside, watch English channels, read the English newspapers and read it aloud. Record yourself and self evaluate. Whenever possible, talk to your friends and family in English. It’s your confidence that will yield the maximum result. So even if you make mistakes initially, Don’t stop! Focus on your goal to learn it and I’m sure you will achieve it soon. (Send your questions to [email protected])last_img

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