Back to School Think Safety First

first_imgDrivers, parents and students are reminded to think safety firstas schools open for another year. “Thousands of young people are returning to school this week,”said Education Minister Jamie Muir. “With a little common senseand a lot attention to the rules of safety, we can make this asafe and enjoyable school year for everyone.” With thousands of children walking to and from schools eachweekday, motorists should drive with caution, and pay particularattention in school zones. Motorists are also reminded of the laws requiring drivers to stopin both directions if they come upon a school bus with flashingred lights. Drivers should stop vehicles 20 metres away from astopped school bus with flashing lights. Failure to do so canresult in a $387.50 fine. “We have an excellent safety record in Nova Scotia, thanks to ourschool bus drivers and our safety standards,” said Mr. Muir. “However, motorists must be vigilant at all times.” Parents are also urged to remind their children about the rulesof safety. Children should know they must look both ways beforecrossing the street, always cross at a crosswalk, and always obeycrossing guards or pedestrian signals at traffic lights.last_img

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