World Expeditions believes key factors shaping adv

first_imgWorld Expeditions believes key factors shaping adventure travel in 2019 will be “slower, quieter, smarter and greener.” The adventure specialist says the need for downtime, concerns about over-tourism and the dual desires to travel sustainably and to have informative experiences will be the major influencers on adventure travel in 2019. Slow travel: A multi day trek or a cycling journey allows travellers to switch off and immerse themselves in the natural landscape and puts them in touch with their senses in a way that is becoming a luxury for many people. World Expeditions offers guided and self guided treks, challenging cycling trips at altitude and touring style trips on e-bikes (now available in Vietnam, China, New Zealand and most European destinations.)“It’s a case of travelling less and seeing more – rather than travelling more and seeing less – that is inspiring many people to undertake slow travel,” says World Expeditions CEO, Sue Badyari. “When your body is your vehicle and you are immersed in your surrounds, life slows down.”Quieter travel: Publicity about over-tourism is encouraging more confident travellers to look beyond replicating what they may see on social media of friends’ travel. World Expeditions reports a significant increase in enquiries for the company’s range of exploratory expeditions in remote regions and in alternative treks in better known destinations.“We’ve been long time advocates for the “off the beaten track’ style of travel and we’re well positioned to cater for this trend,” Ms Badyari said. “We’re finding that more confident travellers are less interested in replicating the travel experiences of others that they may see on social media and more interested in seeking out lesser visited destinations and trails.Smarter travel: Travelling with an expert – whether it be one of our world class guides or with someone widely recognized in their field adds a dimension to a trip that is not possible otherwise. Exploring Sri Lanka’s cuisine with Peter Kuruvita, delving into the history and culture of Israel, Jordan and the Middle East with George Negus or travelling to Antarctica with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki deliver unique life experiences and opportunities for seeing a destination that cannot be matched.“Long time friendships are a part of World Expeditions and we’ve worked with the likes of Tim Macartney-Snape, Jon Muir, Simon Yates, Mary Moody and Peter Kuruvita for years, “ Ms Badyari said. “We’re constantly crafting new itineraries to offer new and different experiences for our travellers.”Greener Travel: Being a Thoughtful Traveller and ensuring the places we visit are positively impacted by our visit is a priority for many travellers. Child safe tourism, animal welfare, conserving environments and cultures are will all remain important aspects of the travel experience. In 2019, many people will be focussed on reducing their use of plastic by taking refillable water bottles and avoiding buying single use plastic bottles.“Sustainability sits at the core of World Expeditions’ adventure itineraries,” Ms Badyari said. “In 2019, we’re rolling out an ambitious carbon-neutral project across all itineraries, which will be analysed for carbon outputs and the costs of mitigated and built into the trip cost.”IMAGE: Walls of Jerusalem/World Expeditions adventuregreenSustainabletravel trends 2019World Expeditionslast_img

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