GTA hack reveals Google Glass true gaming potential

first_imgIf you could take the HUD from your favorite game and move it to just inside your peripheral vision on Google Glass, would you do it?Google has been spending a lot of time recently working on explaining how Glass could be useful to the average user. Sure, you can check your email and social networks, and you’ve got an OK camera at eye level that could be capable of taking a photo faster than you could pull your phone out of your pocket, but for many that’s not enough. We know that native Glassware apps are on the way, which will help a great deal with these explanations of value. It seems likely that the biggest untapped market for Glass is to behave as a second screen for the things going on when watching TV or playing games. One Glass developer took matters into his own hands — he fired up a copy of Grand Theft Auto 3, and decided to try something new with his wearable tech.Mike DiGiovanni is no stranger to writing native apps for Glass. Mike is the developer who first figured out how to let Glass users take a photo with a blink, and has been working hard on other apps ever since. This latest concept pulls the map from GTA 3 and places it on Glass as a head-up display. It’s not ready for GTA V just yet, but the concept is incredibly cool.Right now the app keeps the display on the whole time you play, so Glass’ battery life becomes a concern. DiGiovanni explained that if the app were to behave more like the current GPS system, where it wakes the display when something important happens, battery life would be significantly longer.So, how about it? Would you slide Glass on when sitting down to a gaming session? If you could use Glass as the motion tracker in Halo, or even as just the ammo counter in your FPS of choice, it’d be a whole new level of interaction for most users.last_img

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