EA stops shipping manuals with Sports games

first_imgThe game manual included with most of today’s video games is a bit of an afterthought. It may have a color front cover with the the same design as on the box, but inside it is mostly black and white printed text with warning and license paragraphs alongside a page or two of control and gameplay options. And do any of us actually bother to take them out of the case and have a read? I bet the majority of you don’t.So EA has taken the decision to stop shipping them with EA Sports titles. That means less weight and no paper inside the case, saving on costs. But the manual isn’t disappearing completely. EA has instead decided to put a digital version directly on the disc of each game. That way it can’t be lost and won’t degrade over time like the paper ones do.EA isn’t the first to do this and Ubisoft implemented a similar strategy around this time last year. However, Ubisoft also introduced a new ecoTech eco-friendly DVD case to allow them to be easily recycled.While this is good news for the environment it’s also possibly another reason for publishers to push out a special edition of a game. That way an artbook, or at least a special full-color manual can be included as part of the extras. It’s also a sign that the in-game tutorial is now the number one way of getting the gameplay across to the player which I think we all prefer over reading a manual.The last EA Sports title to ship with a manual was NBA Jam according to Kotaku, and the first to ship without one under this new digital-manual system is Fight Night Champion.Read more at Kotakulast_img

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